YogaAndBackCare - All move!

All move!

Lie on your back with your knees bent as shown in the diagram. You may like to place your hands as shown as you should then be able to feel some movement if you are doing this exercise correctly.

Your coccyx is your tail bone. It is right at the bottom of your spine. If we had wonderful bushy tails, it would be the coccyx that would be the linking bone to the tail. But since we have no tail, the coccyx just sits there very often doing very little but we are going to make it move.

So make sure you know where the end of your spine is. By all means, run your fingers down the spine and get an idea of the position of its end.

Next you need to work out where your pubic bone is. That's easy if you have your hands in the diamond position shown in the diagram, it is under the index fingers. You should be able to feel your pubic mound.

Finally you need to work out where your xiphoid process is. Feel for your lowest ribs and then follow them inwards towards the centre of your body. You'll be aware that the ribs are going upwards. At the highest point you'll find that you can feel they seem to stop and there is flesh in between them. That is the location of the xiphoid process.

If you are unsure of the location of any of these, you can find diagrams showing your coccyx, pubic bone and xiphoid process if you Google them.

OK so what we are going to imagine is a string that can be pulled that will pull the coccyx towards the pubic bone. So try imagining that your coccyx is moving towards the pubic bone. Perhaps you might want to imagine you are tucking your tail bone under yourself and lifting it forwards towards the pubic bone.

Then imagine that you are pulling the high part of the pubic bone closer to the xiphoid process, as if there was a string located at the xiphoid process tugging the pubic bone towards it.

When you manage this, you will be aware that you have achieved a slight rock in the bottom of your spine. It is a small movement but it is really important.

As before, keep practicing this one at least five times a day until you can feel the movement. Once you can feel the movement you will also be able to practice this standing up.